29,30,1 i 2 de maig 2010

Volkstanzfestival Balingen 2010

A new experience for the Xeremiers Sóller, which brought us to participate in a festival organized by Haus der VOLKSKUNST of Balingen of regional dances, accompanied by dancers from  “Aires Sollercis “ and from “Estol de Tramuntana”

aThe arrival to Balingen, Thursday 29 April, could not be more accurate, we have benn received by the same people who are awaiting us at "Sackpfeifen Schwaben" in October 2009, so  was a warm receivement . Moreover, it was a really great day, good sun and almost summer temperatures.

That same afternoon we had our first performance. Was the "Grosser Internationaler Volkstanzabend" in Balingen-Frommern. There all groups of the festival, namely Hungary, Bulgaria, Majorca, and a representative of Argentina displayed all his skills.

The day ended with dinner "goulage" cooked by the Hungarian group.

It was Friday the busiest day. However, the organization offer us visit the castle of Hohenzollern, perfectly restored and inhabited sporadically by their owners who are direct descendants of the first "Emperor" of Germany and its tree family is back until 1188.

Do not miss the opportunity  to play our tunes at the castle courtyard, whitout forgetting "The Balanguera” the Balear anthem. Proved memorable, well as the dismissal that offer other visitors to the castle.

This afternoon we perform in the "Volksbank Messe”, in a ceremony of presenting awards to young inventors, famous for "Jugend Forscht”

Only a few hours later, at the "Haus der Volkskunst" we attended a reception with the mayor of Balingen .. Here, his translation "simultaneous" was also memorable.

To close the day took out an exchange of dances for each of the groups participating. Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Mallorca, showed the different dances, making the rest of the festival participants practiced.

Past midnight, the end of this exchange, we offer a taste of Majorcan food products to all participants, with good acceptance. a

On Saturday, first day of May, it was his springtime feast day, the Haus der Volkskunt but time not accompanied. Soon it started to rain and it was forced to do acts indoor the home.

We performed three times, with durations of twenty and forty minutes. The audience joins in the fun for a really great time and talked with our dancers. Our dances are plenty of joy and a Majorcan energy that is not so present in the dances of the peoples of Central Europe.

Throughout the day were going to repeat the performances of all groups, from eleven in the morning until five at dawn.

Once finished the activities, we rest, after an intense day.

It was  Bulgarian´s dinner. Offer a wide of its food, from hot and cold salads, sifting through of lamb cooked on the grill to finish with a dessert at base honeycombs with honey lamb and cheese. We should not bind his “spirit beverage” that accompanied the magnificent food  that left more than two out of the game early.

jThe Sunday showed as on Saturday as well,  a grey and rainy day.
Unfortunately for us, we could not complete the program of the festival. We had to go back to Mallorca on Sunday afternoon, so we were losing "Tanzbühne der Völker," which was the "Stadhaus Ulm”.

So, once we made luggage, we walk accompanied to the beautiful city of Tübingen, after lunch went to Stuttgart and give ours fiends Tamara,  Julia and Marvin, the three young who accompanied us at any time during the festival, a warm and funny farewell

Here some of our festival
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