October from 18 to 22

Another edition, the Soller Xeremiers have been invited to participate in this festival organized by the host in Swabia (Germany), Fromen folk band in the city of Balingen. Since 1997 and every three years celebrate the festival with bands and groups throughout Europe with bagpipes. The Soller Xeremiers have participated escenariin the last three editions and felt increasingly comfortable in  Teuton ground.  From day 18 to October 22 were heard songs from Mallorca´s xeremies accompanied by the essentials flabiols and tamborins, in both scheduled concert as "off track" in various parade performances, church and school as well as in the "Haus der Volkunst" (Popular Culture House) where we also have ben hosted.
19 countries have been present in this edition with over 20 participating groups, most of them old friends from this and other festivals where we have coincided. It is an thru honor and pleasure  see how all our actions have been received a warm welcome from a spectators used to these sounds in the different modes of the bagpipe.
The first concert was on Thursday 18th at 20h. at  the   Concer hall  "Haus der Volkskunst" Luckily we arrived at noon to Balingen  and have time to tune instruments with ease.
Friday morning  went to a school where we had three 25-minute performances for different groups of students, while we had the opportunity to explain and answer all they wanted to know about our instruments, music  and traditional dress.
Later we were greeted by the Mayor of Balingen, welcomed all groups and gave us a small gift. At night we participated in a totsconcert at the "Stadhalle" Balingen, an auditorium that was remodeled testimony of our land tunes.
On Saturday morning 20 had the opportunity to perform in a parade through the market in the same city. At night, the last official concert of all groups in the hall of the "Haus der Volkskunst" we have a special memory because after exhausting the allotted time (Question for strict German organizers) the warm public response led the organization to arrange a "bis" we enjoy musicians and spectators alike.
Sunday 21 , attended a mass at a Catholic church where we also act performing four songs during the ceremony.
At noon during the lunch in the "Haus" brighten up together with other groups to visitors who enjoyed the meal with us. On Sunday afternoon we take  short trip through the mountains surrounding the city of Balingen, enjoy the magnificent views of those spots.
Every night was a party when after the concert and dinner, participating groups we started to play our songs for our enjoyment, jam sessions  and sharing instruments, enjoying the beer typical of those places. Very lively party nights and little sleep, we returned exhausted but very happy experience but is beginning to be a habit given three years and we hope and look forward to the next edition.

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