15 al 18 d´Octubre 2015


balin1Our grup, Xeremiers Soller has participated for the fourth time in the international bagpipe festival called "Sackpfeifen in Schwaben" in Balingen, Germany, and organized by the "Folkstanzgruppe Frommern."
We shared the stage and experiences with 25 groups from across Europe, amongst them, our friends from Xistra de Coruxo with which we made lots of laughs amongst herbes, xoriguer and licor café. Have occasion to sound and sing with them is always a guarantee of fun.
We offered the participants in the festival a small sample of local products such as pâté and sobrasada from Sóller, Mahon cheese, Inca biscuits, sweet herbs and gin xoriguer, so they could enjoy a little taste of the Mediterranean, and I can assure you that nothing remained!
We acted in the theater that the host group possesses, in the Balingen church in the locbalin4al market, as well as in a mass (yes, in a mass!) And a school, where we shown the children how it was our Music and explained them what is "Es Firó"
We received congratulations from both the organization and the participating groups, highlighting the joy that our music spreads and their surprise for the melodies that coud be created by such simple instruments.
On our behalf, we must say that there are few occasions in which one can enjoy such a variety of bagpipes provenents from different cultures and musicians of such great quality. We are immensely fortunate to have been able to live this experience and very grateful to the group "Frommern" for his invitation. We were treated like kings!
I would like to thank especially our guide in the festival: Julia Kurz, who had shown that her patience is unlimited and is been like a "mother" (that's why we love her so much).



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