Sackpfeifen in Schwaben 2006
october 12 to 15

video:Xeremiers de soller playing at Balingen" .

"Sackpfeifen in schwaben" is a big bagpipe Festival in which the rich variety of shapes,sounds and musics from the different european bigpipes is clearly seen. Bagpipers coming from 20 Regions of europe met there,showing the particularitys of their bagpipe,as well as the many other instruments that are played toguether with it in their local traditions. The festival is organized every three years by the "Folkstanz Gruppe Frommern".That group,besides of being dedicated to the local folk music and dances,is also working into the recovering of their traditional bagpipe,helped by the galician luthier Sito Carracedo. The concerts are played in the the theater that the Frommern gruop has in one of their "Haus der Volkunst"(house of the popular art),two old big german-style houses that have been refurbyshed by the gruop,and that are also used for accomodating the festival musicians in the comfortable and cosy rooms placed upstairs.During the festival,the different groups also play in schools,church, markets and streets of Balingen and sorrounding villages. Another bigpipe concert is played in the "Stadthalle Balingen", a huge auditorim with capability for 700 people in which all the bagpipers show a bit of their art in an 8 minutes performance.We have never played in such an impressive place in front of so many people(in fact the streets are our common stage)and it was a bit frightening at the beggining,but the warm reaction of the audience had us feel better than ever.It was fantastic when they started to clap their hands following the rithm of our music. But the best came at the end,when once having left the stage, Manfred Stingel,the leader of the Frommen group, called us again and had us play one more song,due to the good response and big applause of the audience.That was a great present to us. We can not leave appart the jam sesions taht every night were celebrated in the bar of the "Haus der Volkunst".An extrange and hipnotizing mixture of rithms and dances,in which instruments from distant countries and cultures are played toguether,creating a feeling of brotherhood among the bagpipers. From those lines,we would like to thank all the people who listened to our music,danced with it and shared the love we feel for our Island and its traditional music,and the organization of "Sackpfeifen in Schwaben" for having given us the oportunity of living that nice experience. Special thanks to the young girls that were in charge of us during the festival(Julia,Lisa,Lisa and Lisa)for being so kind and patient to us. We would also like to send our regards and best wishes to all the friends we met there hoping to see them soon

We do wish to live again this experience in 2009 .

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