XI Festival intercéltico d´Occidente 2007
del 15 al 20 d´agost

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The Xeremiers de Sóller has returned really satisfied with their participation to XI FESTIVALES INTERCELTICO D'OCCIDENTE, celebrated in TAPIA DE CASARIEGO (Asturias) from 15 to 20 of August.
The performances and the clothings of the XEREMIERS OF SOLLER have waked up an interest superior to the normal one, since the public did not know the existence of the Majorcan xeremies (bagpipes). Also “Xeremiers de Sóller” has been able to verify as his melodies has animated to the kind listeners quickly, until the point to be forced to make some performance outside program.
Also they have participated in the performances that all the groups have taken upon in the CUDILLERO and TINEO towns.
This new success of the group has served our Xeremiers to make new contact with similar groupings and to be able to state the musical level that has obtained.

The next confirmed appointment is the participation in the Celebrations of las fiestas de LA MERCE in Barcelona , that will be days 22 and 23 of September.

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