Agoust 2006 from 15 to 20


We have just arrived fromTerranova Di Pollino, in La bassilicata .A fantastic experience in which we have enjoyed the human quality of the people from that region in the south of italy .Just a few hours after arriving ,that nice people were doing their best to make us feel like at home ,demonstraiting their endless hospitality .
The performances we did in the streets during those days as well as the one on the stage, became a complet success.The locals asked us a lot of questions about our instruments, and some people interested in folk music came from fare away to listening to our music and know about the particularities of the Majorcan music and instuments.
A special mention to the group suoni and all their components .The way they took care of us and all the joy, music ,laughs ,excelent italian food and of course the wonderful homemade wine their shared with us ,made us friends for ever.
If you are looking for a place where traditional music is lived with intensitivity,where the people is as warm and sweet as the wine they make and sorrounded by the beauty of the mountains take a visit to Terranova Di Pollino . You will not regret.

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