del 21 al 24 de setembre 2007

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This year our group has participped for first time in the festivities of “La Merce” ,in Barcelona (and we do hope is not the last).
The festival consisted of a lot of activities in the streets, such as correfocs (a parade in which the devils and some other fantastic creatures play with fireworks among the people), sardanes (a popular dance ) castellers (espectacular human towers)...
This time, they wanted to have a representation of some mediterranean islands and there we where ,the “Xeremiers de Soller”with our friends of “Aires Sollerics”and with our beloved collegues from Sardinia : the “Cuncordia a Launedas”.
The participation of the people from Barcelona was great,the parade in which we played had a lot of entusiastic public as well as the other shows we offered in different streets.

Many times, we played in the streets out of the oficial program, but we cant avoid playing for a people so fantastic as the people of Barcelona with their warm wellcome to our music.
We are really looking further to play in Barcelona again ,and we would like to thank all the people that has worked for helping us during our stay:Jordi ,Anna,l'Amo i sa Madona del “Chaise Loungue”and whoever that shared with us a moment and an applausse .

Here some video at the palau de la Reina de Barcelona

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