During Augost 10 to 16 , the XEREMIERS DE SOLLER participated at the FIFTH ESTIVAL "PIPING LIVE GLASGOW".


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This is a music festival based on different variants of bagpipes. The Festival takes place in his city, Glasgow, using different venues, sites and places where scenes take place simultaneously in the demonstrations of the piper’s bands that will take part at the tournament for the title of World pipe band championship.

The Sóller Xeremiers very pleasantly surprised with their performances, while initially had to act in three sessions, but the direction of the Festival decided to expand its activities to seven.

The organization and direction of the Festival were very satisfied with the Xeremiers Sóller. Which was reflected in the Xeremiers Sóller were one of the only three musical groups that were received at a private reception with leading authorities in the city of Glasgow. The importance of this detail becomes clear if we think that in those days in Glasgow had more than five thousand pipers and one hundred pipers bands came from all around the world.

In those days the Mallorcan group, performed several demonstrations of how to make  sound  the Xeremia and explained some aspects of our instruments, something that surprised a lot of these musicians so used to practice music with a strong military influence. Even current world champions were interested, tried and got a sound of their best known songs "Scotland the Brave" with a Xeremia. It must be said that banda policiaany member of Sóller Xeremiers got the same with the Scottish bagpipe.

What most impressed by the Xeremiers SOLLER was able to attend the final of the Championship, as spectators, with preferential treatment and to occupy a privileged place in the stands, and to contemplate the actions of the best bands in the world, from Australia to Canada.


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