24th to 25th setember 2011

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SANTA TECLA Festival – TARRAGONA  24th to 25th SETEMBER 2011


Only have been twenty-four hours in Tarragona, but enough to consider that this trip has been very satisfactory.

The invitation was to join a really interesting festival of diferent spanish bagpipes, there were bagpipes from Mallorca, Asturias, Zaragoza, Galicia and Catalunya.

They organized a parade from the Rambla Nova to up the stairs of the Cathedral. Along the streets there was a large audience  interested and surprised, especially for our Xeremia (Mallorca bagpipes)  tunes, lively and short.

The festival  was composed by the participants;  “Sacairada Vilanova”, “Pipe band of Candás (Asturias)”, “Band of boto bagpipes from Zaragoza”, pipe band “Galician Xuntanza group of Barcelona” and the Tarragona host “Sacaires de Tarragona”, and the “Xeremiers de Sóller”.
On reaching the foot steps of the Cathedral, which were all occupied by a multitude of people, we played two tunes, "Sa Calera" and poppurri of tunes, such as "Walking In Touch," "To get a drink " " Good Jesus " and " No en volem cap " It turned out to see all that impressive crowd accompanied us clapping by the song rithm.

Great was our surprise when, next day, one of the employees of where we were hosted  said "did you get a great success, yesterday afternoon. Do not think that the people of Tarragona react with all the musicians as he did with you ... "

Suffice to say that we feel at any time, very well treated by the host group Sacaires de Tarragona, thanks for everything and we see us soon.




Some links from the participants grups ..

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Sacaires de Tarragona.(host grup )


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