To the Xeremiers Soller the Victoria Theater´s Concert on October 3 2009 has been a dream realized, a great connection between the musicians and the public. We want to thank all public for making us feel proud to be Xeremiers and of course, to thank all collaborators and musicians who have worked for the concert t, THANKS!.

President de l´Associació Xeremiers de Sóller

We have all worked hard, but it is clear the most have done are Pep Forteza (Pep s'estanc) and Tomeu poster concertMarroig (Tomeu Piu). They are the ones who elaborate the repertoire, make arrangements, contact with other musicians, deciding the various entries, rhythms, tempos, and so many other things we do not know but if we can imagine.
The remaining members of Soller Xeremiers have collaborated. To all those musicians who have participated in this concert, want to make my very sincere thanks.
It is impossible to separate merits and responsibilities, so I think as a unit. .
The music sounded good. The seats we had prepared (over 300) were all occupied. There were even people standing in the back. It seemed that all these people enjoyed it, after every song you could hear applause and cheers.
The concert was taking shape. We started playing with two "Colla" of Xeremiers, then all Xeremiers de Soller, we rang a piece accompanied by a Tarot and other accompanied by three djembes. Also four songs accompanied by a laud and electric guitar. And to end the six-piece concert accompanied by fourteen musicians from the Banda Municipal de Soller.
If I have to heed the public's reaction once we end our performance, I must admit that was a success. The cheers, shouts and other expressions of satisfaction and I do understand.
Our performance lasted about eigthty minutes without interruption.
While we were drinking a soda outside the theater, too many people who sent us their congratulations as well as its belief that the recording we had done during the concert, would result in a good quality CD.

Thank you very much to all of you who made this concert and those who have attended.


Andreu Magraner.   President dels XEREMIERS DE SOLLER

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