Dance and music festival Izmir (Turquía)
from 26 to 1 september 2008

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Teatre d´Izmir

The Xeremiers de Sóller at IZMIR (TURKEY)

The Soller Xeremiers move on 26 August to Izmir Turkey, to attend the first Festival of Traditional Music of Izmir, which is the third largest city of Turkey with more than 3 million inhabitants. The festival was included in a comprehensive program of events that took place during two weeks on the occasion of national holiday, Victory Day, August 31.
We share the stage with groups from Puerto Rico, Romania, Kazakhstan and Cyprus, who acted in the Kulturpark, a vast park located in the center of the city, which was the seat of all activities, the proceedings were televised via satellite to 64 countries in addition Turkey, now you know what they sound like the Xeremies shutters.
It should be mentioned the great success because the proceedings up much anticipation among the large audience, the parade we made in different places of the park were massive and even, on Friday night while we were one by a pedestrian area gathered so many people who ended up appearing two cars of police to prevent unrest.
We had a coach available with which we learned about other aspects of the culture of that country, such as the city of Ephesus, an ancient Ionian city important religious and commercial center.
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